3 August 2020

Switzerland dressed up by two Canadians firms

Canadian cool is now in Switzerland. Canada Goose, founded in 1957 in Toronto, has been selling its luxury parkas through reputed retailers worldwide since 2008. Very […]
27 July 2020

Meet NEXELL at LEC Geneva, on 6 and 7 October 2020

It’s the 10th year of the LEC Geneva, largest Swiss IT and digital event. Come meet CSCC partner at l’Evènement Connecté, which will take place at […]
20 July 2020

Are Millenials working more than previous generations?

Millennials make for a powerful workforce able to work under varied conditions. Are you doubting this generation’s commitment or ability to work? This debate resurfaces at […]
13 July 2020

Young Canadians in Switzerland share their story

Iolanta Joltopuf, Michele Joanisse, Sara Rezki and Laureline Lasserre have all four come from Canada to find a new fascinating career or research path in Switzerland. […]